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If it ain't Hyrdro, it's dirt

Hydroponic growing allows you to better control pests and other risks to your plants' health because your growing containers are mobile. You are also better able to control the nutrition available to your plants since you are providing nutrition to them artificially. Additionally, you can help protect the environment from nutrition run-off by using controlled hydroponic techniques.


Along with the controlled nutrient resources and mobility of your hydroponic garden, you can also control the amount of sunlight your plants receive. With the artificial sunlight from these lamps that replicate the electromagnetic spectrum, which allows for photosynthesis, you can even grow a full, healthy garden indoors.


Your existing garden's soil can be made even better by adding organic matter composed of the remains of soil organisms and plant life. This mixture will provide added nutrition to your garden that may not naturally exist in your soil. You can add a variety of organic matters to your soil, including compost, aged animal manures, green manures (cover crops), mulches, or peat moss.


Does your garden need immediate attention? No worries! Roseburg Hydroponics is open 7 days a week to make sure you have everything you need to keep your plants full of life and color. Visit us in Roseburg, OR or call us today!



Thanks to nutrient supplements, plant growth hormones, and metabolic enhancers, you can grow flowers, fruits, and vegetable even better than nature. Hydroponic gardening allows you to supply the best nutrition and environment for your plants while also avoiding harmful pests and weather conditions.


Your garden's needs will vary depending on what you are growing and how you are growing it. Hydroponic gardening requires greater environmental controls because of its artificial nature, but these additives and techniques can also help your traditional garden grow to its fullest potential. Contact us or visit Roseburg Hydroponics at 853 SE Stephens St., Roseburg, OR.